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A Volunteer Library serving the Seldovia, Alaska community since 1935

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    Closed on the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, 4th of July, and Easter


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Wireless internet use policy

The Seldovia Public Library offers free wireless access to the internet at the library. Bring in your own laptop (or borrow one from the library) and you can connect via our wireless connection with no extra equipment or passwords.


A notebook or laptop computer or other wireless device with 802.11 (b-g) wireless networking.

We do not have many electrical outlets and we do not provide extension cords in the library so please make sure your battery is fully charged before coming in to use this service. Personal computers may not be plugged in to charge and left unattended.

If you are not sure if your computer or other device has wireless capability, please check with the manufacturer or supplier of your equipment to see if it is already installed or may be added by a simple plug-in device. We do not stock wireless cards and cannot offer personal computer hardware support.

Limitations and Disclaimers

The wireless connection is turned on seven days a week. We do not require an existing library account to use this connection.

Wireless connectivity is not available during power outages and is subject to unannounced interruptions of service by our internet service provider.

The library offers filtered internet access.  By using this service, you agree to abide by the library’s Internet Use Policy.  This policy states the limitations of internet access, your responsibilities for using that access, and provides examples of unacceptable uses.

The library’s internet connection is not secure.  Information sent to or from your computer or other device may be captured by anyone else with the appropriate equipment and software.

If you wish to print a document, you may save it to a floppy, USB “stick” drive or CD and use our public access computers.  There is a fee to print pages and this is paid for at the circulation desk.

Library staff cannot provide technical assistance on personal computers.  We cannot guarantee that you will be able to make a wireless connection. Data transfer speeds are dependent upon the number of simultaneous users.

The library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for notebook/laptop computer or other wireless device configurations, security, or data resulting from connection to the library’s network.

Updated 10/3/14

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