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Internet Use and Safety Policy

In keeping with policy statements of the American Library Association, the principle of free access to information in libraries is an important part of our mission. As a service to our patrons, the Seldovia Public Library offers free public access to the internet.

The internet is a largely unregulated communications and publication medium with highly diverse information content. It is not a library of professionally selected materials. Some information found on the internet may be inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, or offensive to some individuals.

The library is not able to monitor or control information accessible through the internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. Library patrons use it at their own risk. As with other media, each user is responsible for evaluating the quality, relevance, and appropriateness of materials found on the internet. The library internet connection is provided under a contract with a vendor through the State of Alaska which includes filtering.

The library does not collect personal browsing history information through its computers, and users are not permitted to save bookmarks, passwords or personal information on our public computers. To ensure the best safety of your personal information, please quit the browser program you have used at the end of your session. While our computers are equipped with firewalls, we cannot assure that any transaction or information exchange using our public computers or wireless connection is secure.

The library will not restrict adult users from viewing most material publicly and lawfully available on the internet. Because the library is a public space and computer screens may inadvertently be visible to other library patrons, access to obscene, child pornography, or “harmful to minors” (consistent with any applicable state or local law) material is not within the scope of acceptable public access library use. The use of publicly-funded library-provided internet to conduct a private for-profit business or carry out illegal activities is not permitted.

Parents are responsible for deciding what their children may or may not access. Parents are encouraged to guide their children in learning safe and productive internet use, and may specify that a child use the internet only in their presence.

Some of our public use computers have special assistive features. If you require information about assistive features or assistance positioning furniture for computer access, please contact a staff member.

All library patrons have the right to an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and free from disruption. Patrons will not be allowed to disturb or harass others, tamper with computer hardware or software, violate the security of computer systems, or use the internet access for unlawful purposes including but not limited to copyright infringement. Public use computers are subject to a signup list and time limit which are posted next to the computers.

Library internet via public use computers is available only during normal library operating hours. Wireless connectivity is also available.


Failure to comply with this Internet Use Policy, or misuse of the library’s networks or computers, including customers’ personal laptops and other mobile devices connected to the Seldovia Public Library’s wifi, may result in the loss of computer access privileges, potential loss of library privileges, and possible prosecution.

Any attempts to gain unauthorized access to restricted files or networks, to damage or modify library-owned computer equipment or software, or to intentionally download or save items to library-owned computers will result in the loss of computer access privileges, potential loss of library privileges, and possible prosecution.

This policy last updated 10/3/14

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