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Video Conferencing Policy

The Seldovia Public Library encourages use of it’s video conferencing equipment. The guidelines in this document are designed to support video conferencing (VC) communication by library patrons and other entities with remote sites. All users of the video conferencing equipment must abide by Seldovia Public Library’s Facility Use Policy and must act responsibly to maintain the integrity of these resources. The Library’s video conferencing equipment have been acquired through an Online With Libraries (OWL) grant and there is no charge for their use.

The library has a 52 inch videoconferencing unit upstairs in the main library area, and a 55 inch unit in the downstairs Conference Room. The first includes a Sharp 1080 p/120 Hz LED HDTV and a Cisco C20 telepresence system (codec c20 with Natural Presenter Package (NPP), Precision HD 1080p camera, microphone, remote control, and cables) mounted on a 42 inch tall AVTEQ AV mobile cart available for use by the public.  Use of this unit is limited to the upstairs of the library. The second 55 inch Samsung LED HDTV unit is stationary and available for use in the Library Conference Room. A LifeSize VTC unit with camera and microphone is available with this system. Both systems may be connected to a laptop computer and used with SKYPE as well. A Samsung digital presenter is also available for use.

Requests to use the library’s VC equipment should be made by contacting library staff through email at or by phone, 907-234-7662, during regular library hours. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance prior to the date of the meeting or event.

Special library events or activities such as a scheduled remote lectures or presentations shall take precedence over all other requests for the use of VC equipment.

To see specific list of the available items for use, click [HERE].

Appropriate Uses of the Equipment:

  • Public education seminars/lectures presented by individuals from government or non-profit organizations, or participated by individuals, unable to attend a Program or Workshop in person due to time, cost or other constraints;
  • For projection of powerpoint presentations or other visual materials for in-person public education programs, presentations or meetings in the library;
  • Collaborative discussions; and
  • Other legal events and activities as deemed appropriate by Library Policy

All meetings and presentations held within the library must be open to the public, except scheduled video conferences that fall under HIPAA or other legal privacy protections will comply with such confidentiality requirements.

All meetings must be free.

The library’s VC equipment may not be used:

  1. To promote fundraising events unless participated in by the Library.
  2. To promote, advertise or lead to the sale of a product or service.
  3. For employee orientation or union programs. VC equipment, however, may be used for community training programs open to the public (such as HAZWOPER, emergency preparedness and response, etc.).
  4. For private social activities.
  5. For unlawful activities as determined by state and federal agencies.

The Library Board of Directors reserves the right to review any or all requests for use of VC equipment and may demand sufficient time to make proper investigation before granting approval.

Use of Library VC equipment may be denied any groups or individuals who damage Library furnishings or materials, or who disrupt Library services. Payment shall be made for any damage to or loss of Library property.

Rules when using the equipment:

  1. The handling of the VC equipment shall be restricted to individuals trained in its operation. Removal of or tampering with equipment and other resources is not allowed.
  2. A designated program participant and/or library staff member shall be responsible for the VC equipment during the session and shall supervise the equipment while in use. It is essential that prior to the session, the applicant requesting use of the VC equipment coordinates with library staff to ensure the system is operating successfully and that connectivity and any other technical requirements are met.
  3. The VC camera should be left on at all times. The television, however, must be turned off. All equipment should be returned to original location at the end of the session.

During or prior to sessions, VC technical support may be requested and will be provided if staff is available and other duties permit.

Observers to any session should be announced to all participants in the session. If a session is to be recorded (video or audio) this fact should be announced to all participants in the session at all sites.

The library will not accept liability as a result of a meeting, presentation or event not taking place or interruptions due to unforeseen circumstances, network failure, equipment failure or power supply failure.

This Policy was adopted by the Seldovia Public Library Board on 10/3/14; amended 6/15/16


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