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Collection development policy

I. Introduction

Mission Statement:

We provide the resources to inspire ideas, foster learning, make connections, and enrich lives.


This policy is created to provide guidance and continuity for the board and library staff as they work to carry out our mission. It is also provided to our community in the spirit of sharing how the library is administered in carrying out that mission.

Our community:

The community of users of the Seldovia Public Library consists of the residents, both full-time and seasonal, of the City of Seldovia and the surrounding portion of the Kenai Peninsula Borough that falls within the boundaries of the Seldovia Election Precinct. We also count within our user community those visitors who choose to avail themselves of our services during their stay here.

We find the description of Seldovia in Wikipedia to be acceptable for our purposes.

Our library:

The description of our library is on the About the Library page of our website, where it is regularly updated to reflect changes.

Source of funding:

The Seldovia Public Library is funded primarily by an annual Public Library Assistance Grant from the State of Alaska. We obtain a variable 10-20% of our annual funding in donations from users and proceeds from the sale of books and other merchandise to the public. The library participates in statewide online database and other services subscriptions at no cost to the library. We also seek special grants for specific programs when they become available, including those for programs in collaboration with other local entities.

Copyright and confidentiality:

The Seldovia Public Library strives to uphold the provisions of current copyright law through the education of staff and patrons on intellectual property rights, irrespective of medium.

It is the policy of the Seldovia Public Library to protect the confidentiality of all of its users’ library activities as specified in the Alaska Statutes Sec. 40.25.140, while acknowledging that these rights may be superseded by federal laws.

II. Collection

General description:

The collection of the Seldovia Public Library consists of current, contemporary and historical materials in print, audiotape, and digital formats. We particularly seek out and preserve information resources of Alaskan and Seldovian historical nature.

Collection management:

It is the responsibility of the Library Director to select and manage the collection. Selections made by the Director in accordance with this policy shall be deemed to be selected by the Board.


The library purchases new and used materials, rents materials, borrows materials using the State of Alaska Interlibrary Loan System, and accepts donations where such materials are in keeping with the interests and use patterns of the community or provide important basic resources in carrying out our mission With the understanding that the library’s annual budget is limited, weight is given to resources that will be used by the most patrons and be of durable interest and format.

Selection of collection materials is based on current reviews and sales figures as well as analysis of current use trends of existing collection items. The library also solicits requests from users and staff, although those requests are subject to the same selection criteria as any other acquisitions.

Selection considerations include but are not limited to: literary merit, enduring value, accuracy, authoritativeness, social significance, importance of the subject matter to the collection, cost, scarcity of material on the subject and availability elsewhere.

Donations are not accepted of items that are damaged, especially by water or mold. Donations that are not suitable for or are in excess of current collection needs are offered for sale by the library and, if they have not sold within a year, are disposed of. Donors who meet with the Library Director to review donations may elect to retain items the library cannot place in the collection; otherwise, donations become the property of the library and cannot be returned. Gifts may be acknowledged by a receipt if presented at the desk at the time of donation, but the library, in accordance with IRS regulations, cannot specify the value of any donation.

Deselection is carried out on a regular and ongoing basis in acknowledgment of changing user tastes, item wear, and the limits of physical space. Items removed from the collection due to lack of circulation, currency, or accuracy will be offered for sale and disposed of if unsold after a year. Items that are damaged or become too worn to circulate will be considered for replacement if they continue to fulfill current selection criteria.

Intellectual freedom and equal access:

The Seldovia Public Library is in accord with the American Library Association on these issues, including specifically endorsing the ALA Bill of Rights.

Reconsideration of selection:

The Seldovia Public Library, in acknowledgment of the diversity of its community, is building a collection that includes a variety of differing viewpoints rather than supporting any one view of a topic or issue. Some collection items may be offensive to individuals or groups because of their own perceptions of profanity, social, economic, and political ideas, religious viewpoints, the background of the author, or the kind of information provided. The library does not endorse any particular viewpoint represented in the collection, since its role is to provide materials to allow individuals to examine issues freely in the process of reaching their own decisions. While any person may reject materials for themselves or their dependents, they may not restrict the access of others to library materials.

Should a member of the public feel that selection of a specific collection item should be reconsidered, they may submit their concerns, in writing via US Postal Service or email, to the Library Director using the form directly below [download a copy of this form]:

Seldovia Public Library
Comment on library materials
Date Submitted:______________
Telephone or email:___________________________________
If you are acting as the official spokesperson for an organization, please specify:
Library material on which you are commenting:
Call Number:_________________________
Please comment on the material as a whole. Be specific about those matters which concern you. Feel free to suggest other materials on this subject which you would like to see added to the collection.

The Director will return a written response to properly submitted comments within a calendar month of receipt. While comments are being reviewed, the item will remain on the shelf and available for circulation.

If further review is requested, the decision of the director may be appealed to the Board of Directors, in person at a regular board meeting, following submission of the written form above to the board at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

The Board of Directors is the ultimate authority on collection matters.

III. Policy Review

It is the responsibility of the Library Director to review this policy every three years or sooner as circumstances may dictate and to bring suggested revisions before the Library Board of Directors for consideration.

IV. Adoption:

This policy was adopted by vote of the Seldovia Public Library Board of Directors on April 26, 2011.


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