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A Book Drop story by Dianne Gruber

Posted by Tracie Merrill, Library Board member on May 18, 2014

Introducing our new Library Book Drop

I’m sure many have noticed the new book drop outside at our Public Library, it is ready to accept your library returns making things even easier for busy schedules that can’t always work with the open library hours.  I would like to take a moment though to share how we came about getting this newest addition to our library.
Back in mid-April I started making phone calls to the libraries on the peninsula just to see if any of them might have a used book drop they weren’t using and might consider selling to us at an affordable cost. (Believe it or not cost for new Book Drops start at $2,500.00 and can go as high as $5,000.00 once shipping is figured in) A very kind lady shared my request on the Alaska Library Association list and within days I heard back from a Mrs. Stacey Glaser from the Kotzebue Chukchi Consortium Library who said they were willing to part with their long time book drop absolutely FREE as they had just recently purchased a new one with some of the funds from the Rasmussen Grant.  She went even further to secure for us FREE transport with Northern Air Cargo from Kotzebue to Anchorage.  Northern Air Cargo then went even further for us and gave us FREE storage as the unit could not be picked up within their normal 72 hour storage time and then our own
Kar-A-Van Transport, (Thank you Russ and Floyd and the other great guys with KAV)  brought the book drop from Anchorage to Seldovia for FREE and deposited it right to the library building.  I was so touched by how a simple phone call resulted in a group of people who had never heard of each other took the time to coordinate all of this to benefit our little community with such a generous act. I guess you hear so much about troubled times it is really good to hear of such a nice act.  Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this happen for Seldovia!  On another note, be watching Seldovia as the Library will be looking for some local ideas of how to best decorate and give a touch of Seldovia to our new Book Drop.


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