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Minecraft to Continue as After School Program

Posted by Rosanna McInnes, Seldovia OWL Manager on August 28, 2013

Summer Collaboration Leads to Year Round Solution

This summer, our library was able to set up and run a weekly event for kids, called, “Minecraft Monday’s” in which we invited any lovers of the video game, Minecraft to come and play with us.  Minecraft is most easily understood if you think of building with lego’s, but doing it in a limitless world inside of a video game.  The game gets even more exciting when you add the element of playing together.  In this “lego’s on steroids” game we were able to join the trend that is happening all around the globe, of using it from an educational aspect.  That’s right, we spent the summer playing a video game in the library, and now because of it’s popularity, and because of a collaboration with Ashley Haller of Seldovia Village Tribe Prevention, our library will be able to offer an after school Minecraft Club each Thursday of the week for the entire school year!


Ashley Haller of The Seldovia Village Tribe Prevention Program is credited with making Minecraft Monday’s a possibility for our library.  Here, she poses in front of a structure built in the video game, Minecraft.  

Collaboration is no small thing in a community as small as this one.  In this town, to make things run, we ALL step up to the plate, sometimes joining two or three committees at a time, working car washes and bake sales, and attending meetings two, three, and sometimes, four times a week.  The bottom line is, sometimes we all feel a little overwhelmed, like we are stretched just a little too thin, or like we just can’t do a single thing more.   That’s when collaboration counts the most, and that’s why we loved our summer of collaboration with Ashley.   Without her help, the program would not have been a success, and it could not have run as smoothly as it did.   Ashley was there each Monday night.  She heated pizza’s for the kids, she set up the computers, she handled the children patiently and with respect, and she did all of it while modelling her passion of the game for the kids.  Working with her was a great privilege, and we are so excited that she has offered to continue the program as an after school event each Thursday after school from 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Youth prepare themselves for the nightly event by working together to build a village in Minecraft, each child claiming a part of the village to concentrate on.  One building challenge featured a maze made of library bookshelves.

Minecraft Monday’s at the library this summer saw no less than fifteen kids each week.  We were delighted with the turnout and the interest.  Minecraft not only allows for social interaction (the kids play in the game together), but it also requires great logic, and it teaches the kids many basic tenants of computer programming.   Some of the building challenges included, a team maze, a village, an environmental challenge using a model of Mt. Everest as the last exposed earth on the planet, and math challenges in which children were asked to build cubes and other shapes.   We are excited to be offer exposure to these great concepts, and plan on continuing to use the Minecraft for Educators version so that the learning and play can be controlled, exciting, educational, and fun.



A Minecraft Creator works on a model of a City Park for the City Planning and Zoning Commission.  Here, she puts the finishing touches on a fountain that she envisions as the center of the park.  

If you want to see creativity in action, stop by our library any Thursday after school.  You won’t find a quiet library, but you will see building, math, logic, and teamwork going on, and you will see engaged students who love to learn this way.  There’s something else you’ll see as well, the dedication and hard work of Ashley Haller of The Seldovia Village Tribe Prevention Program.  Thank You SVT for collaborating with us, and most of all, thank you Ashley Haller.  We’re looking forward to a fun year of Minecraft creations.



A City Council Member checks the kids work.  While City Planning and Zoning was meeting across the hall, these kids were working up their own version of the ideal Seldovia Park.  It included giant trees, a fountain, an octopus petting pool, a fishing hole, and a play place for children.

The Seldovia Public Library is happy to collaborate with organizations in the community.  If your organization has an idea that you think we could partner on, please let us know.  We would also like to acknowledge some of the other helpers and volunteers who made Minecraft Monday’s possible.  Mary Montgomery helped all summer to cover the circulation desk and she helped with food and anything else we needed.  She was invaluable to the team.  Chance Haller was instrumental in getting the IT side of things arranged, including the installation of the program, network troubleshooting, and updates for the program.  His knowledge and help was also invaluable.




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