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We need help

Posted by Laura Haskins - Library Director on December 4, 2011

I hate these kinds of pleas and I hope you realize that we don’t like to be begging all of the time. But, really, we’re getting spread kind of thin for volunteers these days.

Under our grant terms, we need to keep the library open a certain number of hours a week. Our current schedule does that; if we slash our hours, not so much. So, not a lot of wiggle room.

And there’s the whole thing about being open enough that we cover the times when you want to use the library. We need our schedule to be handy for folks who are out and about during the day, kids who need to be able to use the library when they’re not in school, and working folks who can only run errands at night or on the weekend.

Now that the holidays are here, we’ve got this volunteer going off on vacation and that volunteer off to supervise grandbaby births and that means we’re stretched so thin staffing the circulation desk that we can’t also cover the other jobs of keeping the library running, buying those new books and movies you all want, and doing the thousands of behind-the-scenes tasks that are why you already see me in that office so many days of the week.

Can you help us out? We need folks who can give us just a couple hours in an afternoon, once a week. Or even every other week. You’ll get all of the (very simple) training you’ll need and a lot of the time I’m right there in the office for backup. It’s not hard and it’s not terribly time-consuming but it’s all-important in keeping our library operating. We really need your support.

Stop in, call 234-7662, or email and let us know that you can share a little time with the rest of Seldovia’s library community. It will mean so much to all of us.


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