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A little thankfulness here at the library

Posted by Laura Haskins - Library Director on November 24, 2011

It’s the season to think on gratitude, and I thought I’d let you know that there’s a fair amount to be thankful for right here in the library.

I think that we can all be thankful for our volunteers. This handful of stalwarts is there, week in and week out in all sorts of weather, keeping the library open and functioning so that you can use it. Let’s call them out by name, shall we? Next time you see them, please add your own thanks to Robin Hilts-Hoffman, Lily Kroll, Tracie Merrill, Allison Miller, and Cheryl Reynolds, plus our last summer’s volunteers, Kathleen Gruber, Sirena Turner, and Mary Ann Wilson.

All of us volunteers also owe you, our library patrons and community, a big thank-you as well. You’re the reason we keep the doors open, and we appreciate your patience when things get a little confused, when the power goes out, when you have to wait to use a computer.

Speaking after my first full year as director, I especially want to thank all of you who have taken the time to talk with me about what you want to see us offer in this library. My telepathy skills are notably poor, and as I work on learning how to make this the library you want, I value every bit of feedback you can offer. Remember: I’m usually there of an afternoon in my office and that door is always open when I am. Why not stop by and share in the conversation, share in shaping our library?

We can’t discuss gratitude without also offering our thanks to the great folks at the state library. Not only do they administer the annual operating grant that allows us to buy all those great books and movies, but they provide the invaluable behind-the-scenes support and education that allow us, essentially a bunch of well-intentioned amateurs, to run a fairly professional library service. You may not see this from your side of the circulation desk, but please be assured: when things function well, it’s likely because of those invisible helping hands.

And on the topic of money, a nod of deep thanks goes to our legislature that every year passes that critical appropriation. We operate on a shoestring, but without the state support, we’d be dangling from a fiscal thread.

Which doesn’t mean we don’t value the financial support from the community any less. In fact, we know quite well how many competing good causes have their hands out in this tiny population. So many worthy endeavors rely upon support right here at home, and we’re grateful for our share of that. All of your book and movie donations, the purchases you make at our annual Fourth of July Sale, the money you spend at our holiday sale and bake sales and tables at the crafters’ bazaars–we know that even the smallest amount represents your support and encouragement and we value that it lets us continue to keep our library as well-stocked as it is.

Finally, we are always thankful for the City of Seldovia in the form of its employees and the city council. They’re the ones who keep the lights on and the heat cooking. While we may grouse about the windows that don’t close, we’re nonetheless grateful that we’re under a roof that doesn’t leak and down the hall from restrooms that are now kept brilliantly clean thanks to the new custodian. We couldn’t be there without them, and we are enduringly delighted that the city sees the value in supporting a library as a community asset.

I know that a lot of you will be propping up your feet today after a big dinner, relaxing with a good book or movie from the library. And aren’t we all thankful for that? I know I am.


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