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New resources at your library

Posted by Laura Haskins - Library Director on May 28, 2011

This week we’re launching a whole new computer and a whole new service at your library. Thanks to a donation from the Prince William Sound Regional Citizen’s Advisory Council of some of their outgrown computers, we now have a non-internet public resource computer with lots of useful things on it:

  • A random collection of historic Seldovia photos (and, hey, we’d love donations or loans of hard copy photos to scan if you’ve got some);
  • The map and files on all of the grave sites in the Seldovia Cemetery;
  • All of the issues of National Geographic Magazine in a searchable collection; and
  • A huge collection of files from the City of Seldovia* including:
    • recordings of city council and planning commission meetings,
    • meeting agendas and minutes,
    • city manager’s reports,
    • ordinances and proclamations in full text,
    • the current city budget and sundry fees schedule,
    • area-wide lot and zoning maps,
    • the full city code, and
    • city application forms for employment, business licenses, building permits, dog licenses, conditional use permits, variances, and water/sewer accounts.

What else can you do on this computer? It has a full office suite and pdf file reader, so you can bring in or work on files of your own, so long as you either print them out or bring in a removable storage device to save them onto and take away again.

What you can’t do on this computer: use the internet to check you email, play games, research, or anything else online. We have two other public internet computers and, frankly, between those and our wifi users, that’s all our current connection can manage. The good part of this is that you don’t have to stand in line with the internet users or abide by their 20 minute use limit to use this new public resource computer.

So check it out and take advantage of all of this handy information that we have right on hand, here in your library.

*Special thanks goes to City Clerk Mary Klinger for helping us assemble these files and for promising to keep us updated with new installments.


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