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Help us take a snapshot of our library

Posted by Laura Haskins - Library Director on April 21, 2011

The Alaska Library Association has tasked us with providing one day’s worth of picture of what our library does, to help them put together a broader picture of libraries all across our state.

We’ll be taking our “snapshot” on Wednesday, April 27. As usual, we’ll be open from 12-2 and 6:30-8:30. If you are planning to stop by the library in the middle of next week, we’d love it if you would come in on Wednesday so you’ll be counted in our picture.

Counted doing what? A good question. We’re hoping you’ll stop by to use a computer or wifi, ask questions we can help you find answers to, check out a book or a movie, read to your child, ask for computer help (afternoon opening only), and generally let us know why you think your library is awesome. We’ll have a brief survey we’d like you to answer, and we can help you complete it–it’s just a couple questions and only takes a moment or two.

We’ve also been asked to take some photos of people using the library. Those of you who’ve been around awhile are familiar with my photos: they’ll be action shots of library use, not unflattering stand-and-grimace portraits of any specific individual, and we’ll be asking permission first. Will you help us capture what using the library means to you?

And if you can’t come in, don’t worry: you can still help out. In fact, we’re asking you to help, right now, right there at your own keyboard. You can take the very same survey online that we’ll be asking users to help fill out on Wednesday.

Why bother? Well, for one reason: funding. If nobody’s enthusiastic about libraries, how much interest do you think our legislators will have in continuing the grants that keep us purchasing new materials for you to use? If we want to keep our libraries, we need to show that they are important to us. And one way of doing that is to take the online survey or stop by this Wednesday and be counted.

See you then!


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