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Upcoming program will enhance library resources to keep you in touch with the world

Posted by Laura Haskins - Library Director on December 19, 2010

I attended a launch meeting this week for a huge and important new state library program in company with the other 104 library directors throughout the state, many officials of the state library system, and a dazzling number of representatives of organizations, agencies and government entities, up to and including Alaska Governor Sean Parnell.

This new program is called Alaska OWL: Online With Libraries. Its intention is to enable all Alaskans to utilize new governmental, educational, professional, cultural heritage, business and entertainment services that are increasingly available only online.

The program entails two components: new and enhanced public use computers including special equipment for videoconferencing, plus a much faster internet connection for roughly the same price we are paying now for our slow and intermittent service. These will enable our community to continue to use increasingly resource-hungry web services that will only become more common as the rest of the nation moves forward with upgrades to internet speeds planned by the FCC.

At this point, your library board has not yet decided whether we will participate in this program. There are costs, as there always are with grants, to joining this program. The financial costs are within our reach. The increased paperwork and technical support demands are manageable. We will be required to limit access to certain websites in compliance with the provisions of the Children’s Internet Protection Act, but this is really not out of line with the restrictions we already place on using our library internet service to conduct illegal activities (read our current policy).

If you feel these program services are ones that you wish to have available to this community, this is a good time to share those opinions with your library board members. I’ll be reporting more fully to the board at their January 26 meeting, which, as ever, will be open to the public. While there are many details of this very new and large program that have not yet been worked out, at least down to our level of concern, we have only a very small window of opportunity for participation.

While all of us treasure the rural seclusion of our remote little community, this program will help allow us to continue to stay in touch with the many services that enrich our lives and jobs. I’m very excited about this opportunity and I hope that you are too.


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