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Wow! Just…wow!

Posted by Laura Haskins - Library Director on October 19, 2010

What a great and supportive community we have! We asked for your help earlier this month and you’ve already made up the full amount we needed and a bit more besides.

We’ll be buying a new circulation computer in the next month or two (prices will drop as we approach the holidays, and we want to get the best value we can).

We’ll also be receiving the donation of four used computers from the Prince William Sound Regional Citizen’s Advisory Council that we’ll be using for public internet stations, replacing the rickety box we’re running our catalog lookup on, and keeping our office records. Those we’ll still need to transport down here from Anchorage. While we’re looking for volunteers who might be driving down, your donations will help us fly them across the bay if that becomes necessary.

So, yay for computers that will run!

Any money that’s left over from the donations you contributed as part of this campaign will be kept track of and used to help keep our equipment functional, because as we all know, that’s an ongoing need as well as the source of the occasional crisis.

You folks are the best community for support ever. Thank you so much for helping us continue the level of service you enjoy.


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