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10/15: New at the library this week

Posted by Laura Haskins - Library Director on October 15, 2010


Gosford park
America’s sweethearts
What dreams may come
Wonder boys
The sign of the beaver
Free Willy : Escape from pirate’s cove
Veronica Guerin
Inspector Lewis: Counter culture blues/The dead of winter
Matrix revolutions
Independence day


Marley and the runaway pumpkin / John Grogan
Marley’s family has spent months growing a giant pumpkin to take to the fair. When the big day finally arrives, Mommy, Daddy, Cassie, and Baby Louie try to be extra careful with their blue-ribbon pumpkin. But with a dog like Marley around, being careful isn’t always enough! (Age Range: 5 to 8)

Biscuit / Alyssa Satin Capucilli
It’s Biscuit’s bedtime, but this little yellow puppy doesn’t want to sleep! He thinks it’s time to play!
Before Biscuit gets into bed he wants one more thing—a snack, a story, a hug, a kiss. When will Biscuit fall asleep? (Age Range: For infants or children in preschool)

Biscuit visits the pumpkin patch / Alyssa Satin Capucilli
What will Biscuit find in the pumpkin patch?
The perfect pumpkin, and some friendly surprises! (Age Range: For infants or children in preschool)

Ghosts in the house! / Kazuno Kohara
A New York Times Best Illustrated Book for 2008, this adorable ghost story will charm the very youngest Halloween trick-or-treaters (Age Range: 4 to 6)

The dangerous alphabet / Neil Gaiman
A is for Always, that’s where we embark . . .
Two children, treasure map in hand, and their pet gazelle sneak past their father, out of their house, and into a world beneath the city, where monsters and pirates roam.
Will they find the treasure? Will they make it out alive? (Age Range: 5 to 8)

Fall / Nuria Roca
Leaves fall from the trees, and birds fly away from the cities and countryside. Fall has arrived and nature starts preparing for winter. Here’s a book for boys and girls to enjoy on a rainy afternoon. It’s one in a series of four delightful books with simple questions and activities for younger children, followed on the last pages by a guide for parents and teachers. Boys and girls will discover how much fun they can have in Fall. (Age Range: For infants or children in preschool)

Samantha the snob / Kathryn Cristaldi
Samantha wears a fur coat and a designer hat. She’s got a limousine, an indoor pool, and a mom who looks like a movie star. What a snob! That’s what the narrator of this story thinks. Then she discovers that she and Samantha have a lot in common—including their squirt-gun rings! (Age Range: 6 to 8)

From head to toe / Eric Carle
Watching giraffes bend their necks or monkeys wave their arms is fun, but nothing could be better than joining in. From their heads down to their toes, kids will be wriggling, jiggling, and giggling as they try to keep up with these animals!Alligators wiggle, elephants stop, gorillas thump, and giraffes bend. Can you do it? ‘ I can do it!’ is the confidence-building message of this fun-filled interactive picture book. (board book; Age Range: For infants or children in preschool)

1 Teddy bear : A counting book / Bernette Ford
Kids can count the teddy bears (from one to ten) as these cuddly creatures go about their everyday activities. One’s all alone, two are on the phone, three are dressed in blue, four are waving at YOU! The simple, graphic design makes the numbers easy to read and shows off the irresistibly cute bears. (board book; Age Range: For infants or children in preschool)

The dead lie down / Sophie Hannah
Ruth Bussey once did something wrong-horribly wrong-and was nearly destroyed by her punishment. Now, she has tentatively rebuilt her life and unexpectedly found love with a man named Aidan Seed. But Aidan also has a secret-he killed someone years ago, a woman named Mary Trelease. Ruth’s horror turns to confusion when she realizes that she knows Mary Trelease, and Mary is very much alive.

Through the heart / Kate Morgenroth
Nora lives in a small Kansas town, living paycheck to paycheck, working in a coffee shop. Timothy lives in Manhattan, responsible to no one and nothing except managing his family’s millions. When these two meet, it seems like the beginning of a fairy tale. Except Nora is not your typical damsel in distress, Timothy does not quite fit the role of a gallant prince, and fairy tales don’t include a dead body. As Nora and Timothy take turns telling their sides of the story, the reader is caught in the net of their love, and the chilling murder that results.

In harm’s way / Ridley Pearson
Sun Valley sheriff Walt Fleming’s budding relationship with photographer Fiona Kenshaw hits a rough patch after Fiona is involved in a heroic river rescue and she attempts to duck the press. Despite her job and her laudable actions, she begs Walt to keep her photo out of the paper, avoiding him when he can’t.
Then Walt gets a phone call that changes everything: Lou Boldt, a police sergeant out of Seattle, calls to report that a recent murder may have a Sun Valley connection. After a badly beaten body is discovered just off a local highway, Walt knows there is a link-but can he pull the pieces together in time? (Walt Fleming Series #4)


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