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Sometimes there are heroes just when you need them

Posted by Laura Haskins - Library Director on January 11, 2009

We’ll admit it: things looked pretty gloomy in the library this week: our workhorse old circulation computer, a gift from Tom Glover, suffered a fatal breakdown. We were able to grab a copy of the backup for our whole collection entries (over 10,000 items, so you see why we didn’t want to have to repeat the work of building it) before sending it off to the morgue but there we were.

So we took the newest of our two public use computers (yeah, sorry about that) and set it up to handle our circulation. And that’s where were were on Saturday, with a line to use our remaining public computer, even though it’s winter and we all know how quiet town is right now.

But in that line was half of a very special couple, and while Jennifer Watson was online, her husband Brian was asking us about our replacement plans. “Not” was the short form of the answer, since our state grant covers operating expenses but not the big chunk of expenditure to replace a whole computer. We already had plans afoot to look for a grant and ask for public donations (thanks to Laurel Hilts for offering to step up there and help with publicity); we were taking a hard look at the various outdated and semi-derelict computers some of us have lying around in storage with an eye towards what we could scavenge. But “not any time soon” was the bottom line.

Brian left to run an errand. Imagine our surprise when a few minutes later he walked in pushing a huge box. A huge computer box. A huge computer box still with its original taping on it. That’s right: he went out and got us the brand new computer he’d bought for himself. “We like to support libraries wherever we live,” was his modest reply to our astonished gasps of thanks.

We’ve turned the new computer over to our Resident Geek, and it should be up and in service in a week or two. Why so long? Well, we’re still getting the circulation program settled into its new home and working on finalizing the best sort of software choices for both machines. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can also bring your own laptop to the library and take advantage of our free wifi connection to bypass the line.

So this is us, giddy with gratitude, asking all of our patrons to join with us in thanking Brian and Jennifer Watson for their very generous gift in support of our library and the services we offer to the community.

PS: What’s the state of your computer backup? There are many backup approaches, but everyone should have a way to save the data they can’t replace when (note that we didn’t say “if”) their machines die.


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